15 Must-Know Tips on Tap: Apps, Sites & Hacks – Episode 29


So many tips, so little time in each show.

In each episode of the DDP, Emily and Melanie offer 3 of their favorite tips, sites, apps, and recommendations in a segment known as “Tips on Tap” (cue Emily’s radio announcer segment intro). A show favorite, many of you asked for more, and this week, you shall receive. The co-hosts are back this week and armed with 3x the tips.

TIPSONTAP21) Umano: News Read to You
Umano is an iPhone and Android app that picks about 50 online stories per day to be read by voice actors. The stories tend to be about technology and pop culture.

2) Happify
Happify is a brain training type of website that just launched and is claiming to “bring the latest scientific advancements in positive psychology and positive neuroscience to consumers in the form of games, activities, and exercises.”

3) Swell
Like a Pandora for podcasts, Swell Radio lets you tune into your favorites and discover new podcasts based on your interests.

4) iOS7 text timestamps tip: If you want to check the time you or someone else sent a text message, swipe from right to left on the screen to check out the hidden timestamps.

5) Price Check by Amazon: Online retail giant Amazon has its own barcode scanning app. Compare in-store pricing with the prices offered on Amazon.com, as well as search product descriptions and customer reviews.

6) RepairPal: Flat tires. Mystery sounds. Car trouble happens to the best of us. Use this site to search by your car’s make and model for a repair estimate and recommendation of “Top Shops” in your area.

7) Android tip: Create and store up to 6 offline maps. Enter Google Maps for Android and pull up the area of the map that you’d like to access offline. Select “Make this map area available offline” and the estimated size of the area in your map will appear on the screen. Great tool for travelers.

8) LinkedIn Group Notification Opt Out
We love LinkedIn, but with it’s ever changing interface, it’s easy to get a little lost when trying to change your settings. Go to the Privacy and Settings page and click the “Groups, Companies & Applications” tab. Below “Groups”, click “Turn on/off notifications when joining groups.” By default, this setting is automatically set to publish notifications. To turn it off, uncheck the box and click Save Changes.

9) Lead in your Lipstick? Yes, there probably is, along with a lot of other questionable stuff lurking in your cosmetics. Safecosmetics.org educates and provides tools to help navigate between the good, the bad, and the downright scary products on the market.

10) Bring Fido: This site and app shows your city and surrounding areas and gives you the lowdown (including consumer reviews) on dog friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, etc. Great tool recently while looking for vacation rentals and restaurants with dog friendly patios.

11) Android tip: Long name? Tired of having to retype it? Next time you’re in the middle of typing “Elizallisonetta” into your text field, long-press on it. This will add it to the dictionary, so you’ll no longer have to type more than the first few characters of the word.

12) Instasize – If you’re on Instagram, you’ve certainly faced that annoying moment when your fantastic IG photo doesn’t fit within the square frame allowance of IG. Instasize lets you post entire photos on Instagram without cropping, offers more filter options, and other features, such as adding text to images. Available for iOS and Android.

13) Perfect365 in iOS store – This app has an excellent “key points” photo analysis feature, which finds your face in the photo and maps out your eyes, lips, skin, etc. If it doesn’t get it right, (though it usually does) you can move the point around to make it just right. From there, you can apply dozens of preset full face layers, ranging from mod makeup to fake eyelashes, etc. You can also just make simple adjustments to specific features. The undereye tool is magic.

14) GroupShot – The idea of GroupShot is simple: take a bunch of similar photos of a group of people, and combine the best bits from each one to create the perfect group shot. Fix the one person who isn’t smiling by taking their face from a separate photo in the series.

15) White Noise – Sleep sounds and so much more. Get some shut eye to classics like rain and ocean sounds, or dishwashers and mechanical hums for the modern sleeper. With timers and a custom alarm clock, it’s one of the best sleep apps on the market.


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