15 Must-Know Tips on Tap: Apps, Sites & Hacks – Episode 29


So many tips, so little time in each show.

In each episode of the DDP, Emily and Melanie offer 3 of their favorite tips, sites, apps, and recommendations in a segment known as “Tips on Tap” (cue Emily’s radio announcer segment intro). A show favorite, many of you asked for more, and this week, you shall receive. The co-hosts are back this week and armed with 3x the tips.

TIPSONTAP21) Umano: News Read to You
Umano is an iPhone and Android app that picks about 50 online stories per day to be read by voice actors. The stories tend to be about technology and pop culture.

2) Happify
Happify is a brain training type of website that just launched and is claiming to “bring the latest scientific advancements in positive psychology and positive neuroscience to consumers in the form of games, activities, and exercises.”

3) Swell
Like a Pandora for podcasts, Swell Radio lets you tune into your favorites and discover new podcasts based on your interests.

4) iOS7 text timestamps tip: If you want to check the time you or someone else sent a text message, swipe from right to left on the screen to check out the hidden timestamps.

5) Price Check by Amazon: Online retail giant Amazon has its own barcode scanning app. Compare in-store pricing with the prices offered on Amazon.com, as well as search product descriptions and customer reviews.

6) RepairPal: Flat tires. Mystery sounds. Car trouble happens to the best of us. Use this site to search by your car’s make and model for a repair estimate and recommendation of “Top Shops” in your area.
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Ask Forgiveness, Not Permission: iOS 6, Futuristic Hiring, App Privacy Pitfalls – Episode 4

The Digital Dive Podcast - Melanie Touchstone - Emily Binder - Atlanta skyline
iOS 6 update: Apple Maps, user data privacy in apps; future hiring and Big Data- talent management; LinkedIn iPhone app security, Facebook iPhone integration.

iOS 6 update

  • Do Not Disturb feature
  • Improved Calendar and Contacts privacy settings
  • Facebook integration, now native:
  • How to turn off syncing your Facebook friends contact info and birthdays into your iPhone
  • The shift toward native iOS control over user data sent to apps
  • Apple Maps vs. Google Maps
  • Passbook and mobile payments
  • iPhone 5
  • Lightning dock connector

Big Data and Future Hiring Practices:

  • Talent based hiring allows employee screening, questionable?*
  • Psychographic profiling

Ask forgiveness, not permission app developer culture

  • LinkedIn iPhone app privacy issues

Random: Emily’s continued “In the Future” theories: inter-vehicle communication

The Sass: Who would seriously put their mobile phone number on Facebook?

Tips on Tap:

1. Windows: How to rename a batch of IMG_xxxx photos with a category name such as Beach_Day_043

2. Employee online monitoring at work: packet sniffers and how to hide your activity using a VPN. (Or just don’t do anything you know you shouldn’t do.)

3. iconfinder.com is a free graphics website with royalty free .png images useful for infographics, chiclets, and blog images*

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*Show Notes – Links

1. Your iPhone calendar isn’t private—at least if you use the LinkedIn app | The app scrapes subject lines, meeting times, participants, notes, and more. 6/6/12 (Note: the app has since been updated, but for context see article)

2. Meet the New Boss: Big Data | Companies Trade In Hunch-Based Hiring for Computer Modeling. 9/20/12

3. iconfinder.com

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