Google Now for iOS, Amazon vs. Netflix, & Surprising Twitter Study – Episode 19

Netflix vs. Amazon punching bags

Netflix vs. Amazon punching bagsTopics

  1. In response to Netflix‘s exclusive programming featuring their hit series House of Cards, Amazon announced in March 2013 that they were creating a Zombieland pilot. On April 19, 2013 they released Amazon Original Series as fourteen original pilots available free to Amazon Prime members. Users vote on their favorites and Amazon will likely produce two winners as full series. Emily gives the run-down on both House of Cards and a couple of the Amazon pilots: Those Who Can’t and Betas. Follow-up from Episode 14. P.S. Downton Abbey fans, by the end of 2013, Prime Instant Video will be the only paid streaming service to offer Downton Abbey. Hulu Plus and Netflix are out.
  2. Google_Now_iPad_and_iPhone_610x414Google Now comes to iOS.  Available since July 2012 for some Android users, Apple device owners now have access to the clairvoyant Google Now by signing into one’s Google account in the free Google app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
    The nascent Google Now is a savvy digital assistant in ways that Siri can’t compete. Because Google records its users’ actions in all of its products (from web search to Maps to Gmail to Google+ and more) it has access to massive amounts of data and the ability to triangulate personal information, behavior patterns, calendar events, contacts and more. The potential for Google Now is quite exciting. Some users have concerns over privacy issues. However Emily is happy to benefit from the data she is already sharing with Google in exchange for predictive, personalized assistance. How will Apple and Facebook compete?
  3. Instagram app update: 5/3/13: Now users can tag other IG users in photos like you tag friends in Facebook photos. Tags must be approved.
  4. Best Brands on Twitter: Social Media startup Nestivity released their list of the top 25 most engaged brands on Twitter – we look at the top 10 and why they are successful.

About the List:

  • Brands were selected based on the results of a study that examined how brands cultivate relationships with influencers, customers, and advocates on Twitter.
  • Primarily using push marketing on Twitter doesn’t work (obviously)
  • Conducted by Evolve Capital Inc. (private equity firm) and UCLA Anderson School of Management, the study looked at the top 100 most-followed brands on Twitter, analyzing over 739,000 tweets over one month.
  • Significant: study was backed by a private equity/venture capital fund. Investors are paying attention and putting money into researching the success of brands on Twitter. Investor attention is often a barometer of the times; the players who have a major say in the lifespan and  ultimate success of companies and industries are making a real connection between brand engagement on Twitter and a company’s bottom line.
  • High follower count also did not necessarily mean an engaged audience: “While all of the 25 most engaged Twitter accounts had over a million followers, so did the bottom 70% of the same.”
  • 76% of content that was shared (RT’d) had a photo attached, and 18% had a video as part of the message.

Top 10 Brands on Twitter:

  1. Notebook of Love
  2. Disneywords
  3. ESPN
  4. Playstation
  5. Disney
  6. Chelsea Football Club
  7. BBC Breaking News
  8. NASA
  9. CNN Breaking News
  10. Instagram

Tips on Tap:

  1. Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts:
    M = new direct message
    N= new tweet
    R = reply
    T = retweet
    GR = Mentions
    GH = Home
    GM – Messages
    . = load new tweets
  2. Tips to resize and optimize layout of web images:
    A. Two free tools to resize web images: Picresize and Resize Your Image
    B. When resizing, c
    hoose small file sizes: Upload a PNG or JPG not too much larger than your desired image size. Choose PNG or JPG over BMP as the file format. Your site load times will benefit.
    B. Have subjects (people, animals, products, etc.) facing in toward the block of text instead of outward and away from the text.
  3. Smartskin Condoms for Smartphones
    Sex sells. This thermoplastic skin slips on and stretches to fit and protect your iPhone 4/4s/5 or Galaxy S3. Water-resistant plastic wraps retain touchscreen and call functionality and 98% camera clarity. Note that neither headphones nor cables can be used with Smartskin. Up to three uses per tab/pack. Smartskin from Firebox costs $18.50.

Show Notes:


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Super Bowl Ads, Netflix’s TV “Binge-Watching” Model & the Content Renaissance – Episode 14


Topics: The most popular 2013 Super Bowl ads and advertisers’ attempts to engage viewers on social, Netflix’s game-changing business model, the television renaissance, and our predictions on the future of media consumption.

I. Super Bowl Ads
Melanie and Emily review the most talked about Super Bowl commercials & ads of 2013, including:

  • Ram Trucks – “Farmer” – Paul Harvey (Dodge – Chrysler)
  • Budweiser – “Brotherhood”
  • Jeep – “America Will Be Whole Again” – Oprah (Chrysler)
  • Mercedes-Benz – “Soul” – Willem Dafoe
  • Oreo – “Dunk in the Dark” (Twitter photo post) – total show stealer

Judge for yourself–you can watch this year’s Super Bowl commercials here

II. Netflix
Netflix is changing the traditional television viewing model from trickle out to “binge watching” with their new series House of Cards. Will this decisive shift in TV consumption change the future of television? Will the “I Want it Now” mentality extend to new film releases? Listen for Melanie’s prediction on the future of movie theaters.

Tips on Tap:

I. Prompt Me Nina — Password reminder app created by 14 year old British Teen Nina Devani. Customized password reminder question prompts.

II. UnoDNS — Paid Service lets you access your Netflix, Hulu & Spotify accounts from outside the country.

III. 1Weather App — Excellent free weather app for Android available on Google Play

Show Notes:
Most social TV event ever?
By Bluefin’s measure, Super Bowl social media activity peaked during Beyonce’s halftime performance with 366,000 comments per minute. By comparison, well ahead of the 261,000 comments per minute generated the moment Barack Obama was reelected.

Twitter: the Super Bowl generated a total of 26.13 million tweets, according to SocialGuide, which was nearly as many as all three of last year’s presidential debates combined (27.63 million total, peak of 10.87 million).
Super Bowl is most social TV event ever 2/5/13


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