Murder Kroger and Mobile Payments- Episode 3


In Episode 3 of The Digital Dive PodcastTM Emily and Melanie complain about current mobile payment technology holding them back in the slow lane of life, forcing young women to stand at cashless ATMs on Ponce near Murder Kroger. Apologies for any sound quality issues on this episode – it was our third. Enjoy the wonky first edition donut as well.


  • Apple and Samsung patent lawsuit
  • 05:10-07:33  Effects on Pandora stock after announcement that Apple is in talks about an ad-supported radio network to be native on iOS
  • 07:34 – Mobile payments and banking apps, NFC, QR code and barcode scanners, Paypal, LevelUp new NFC dock
  • Future of FinTech (financial technology)
  • McDonald’s French Paypal payment experiment
  • 16:10  Walmart, Target, and Best Buy retailers joining to create mobile payment app Merchant Customer Exchange
  • 20:45 – Tips on Tap:
    • Google Maps enhanced directions with Pegman to duplex screen
    • Digital Color Meter app on Mac OS – graphic design or web dev useful app
    • Uber taxi service – mobile app

    Note 9/16/12: Clarification — Bump does not use NFC. iPhones do not have NFC.

Fun stuff we mentioned:

Ping (fail)
Bump (what ever happened to it?)
public libraries
Emily’s suggestions for GA PeachPass to be more friendly to car rental companies (20:05)

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