2013 FCC Marketing Guidelines & Your Neighbor’s Leftovers – Episode 26


Apple v Samsung smartphones arm wrestling

I. The Samsung Apple War Continues.
The race for digital watch device domination ensues; Melanie weighs in on why Apple and Samsung are becoming the modern day Hatfield and McCoys. Are you pro Apple? Pro Samsung? More importantly, does it even matter anymore? Melanie and Emily ask if brand loyalty is becoming extinct.

II. FCC / FTC Requirement for Telemarketing Robocalls and New Social Media Guidelines.
In April 2013, the FTC announced they would be updating the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection ACT (TCPA) to align it with the FTC’s Telemarketing Sales Rules, part of the Do-Not-Call Implementation Act. Text messages are classified with auto-dialed “telemarketing robocalls,” and requires “prior express written consent” from the recipient. Consent can take the form of an “email, website form, text message, telephone key press, or voice recording.” –Written Consent Required for SMS by October 2013

March 2013 update to the Dot Com Disclosures addresses current online and mobile advertising environments, including suggestions for marking social media posts as ads. New 2013 FTC marketing regulations send a clear message to marketers everywhere. Stricter guidelines for contacting and marketing to consumers. Your customer email list may go to zero unless you’ve always had default unchecked email opt-in boxes and a conspicuous paragraph legal disclosure at time of opt-in (which is no one). Effective in October 16, 2013: companies and brands now need to comply with “clear and conspicuous” disclosure at the time of email opt-in.

These measures protect consumers and may benefit marketers in eventually whittling down contact lists to more targeted recipients. But it’s going to be a scramble to reconfirm your existing customers’ opt-ins before October.

How to opt out: Emily urges listeners to join the National Do Not Call Registry.

How to opt out of email marketing:
Register for the eMPS, the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Email Preference Service. You can remove your email from national lists. What is DMA eMPS?

How to opt out of direct mail:
DMAchoice: The Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Mail Preference Service (MPS) lets you opt out of receiving unsolicited commercial mail from many national companies for five years. Registering with the MPS will put your name on a “delete” file which will reduce most of your unsolicited mail. Register for DMA’s Mail Preference Service online.

orange Lego man robot telemarketing on black rotary phone robocallsTips on Tap

I. An app for eating strangers’ leftovers. No, we’re not kidding. LeftoverSwap “encourages people to share their leftovers and eliminate food waste while making us more social.” Socially and environmentally conscious, but can it withstand the “ew” factor?

II. Databoard for Research Insights a presentation and inforgraphic/stats tool by Google.    This interactive tool helps you quickly find what you need from Google’s vast research archives.

III.  UberConference: It’s the easiest way to host or join a conference call from mobile. Uber Conference offers free visual conference calls (see callers’ complete social profiles, always know who’s talking, and mute, hang up, or “earmuff” specific callers, etc.) It’s a user-friendly, robust free conference call app and brainchild of Google Voice guru Craig Walker. Select attendees from your phone’s contact list and UberConference automatically calls, emails, or texts them to join, no PIN required. Available in the App Store and Google Play for Android. Tiers: Free basic account, $10/month Pro Account, and Business Accounts.

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