Tracking Clicks, Eyes, and Bodies – Episode 17

eye-trackingTechnology (read: customer or user tracking) is providing marketers with more data to effectively target ads and better plan brick and mortar store layouts. The improvements in customer tracking both online and offline can lower advertisers’ CPA and improve the shopping, browsing, or Facebook user experience. Emily and Melanie consider the accompanying privacy issues this episode.

I. Samsung Galaxy S4 and T-Mobile Update

Features a five-inch screen, 13 megapixel camera, Eraser on camera to remove photobombers, eye control, smart audio settings, instant translation tilt to scroll, and more. This might be Emily’s next phone.
T-Mobile announced that it will offer iPhone 5 beginning April 12, 2013 with no contract and an option for a monthly payment plan. This is a major contrast from other major carriers like Verizon and AT&T with two-year minimum contracts. Power to the people sort of!

II. Facebook Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences, Facebook hashtags and the new News Feed.

Recently launched Facebook Lookalike Audiences expands upon Custom Audiences. Advertisers can target ads to users similar to those in their Custom Audiences, which contains data like email addresses, phone numbers, and user IDs.

III. Facebook Exchange (FBX)

When it launched FBX in Sept 2012, Facebook was home to 25% of the Internet’s display ads.  In February, Facebook announced it was partnering with data brokers Datalogix, Acxiom, Epsilon, and BlueKai so that FBX program advertisers could get even better data about their target audiences. FBX takes users’ general Internet browsing history and uses cookies to target ads on Facebook. Here is a dizzying visual of how FBX works.
Retail customer traffic heatmap
Retail customer traffic heatmap. 3/7/13

IV. Smart Retail Customer Tracking Using Security Cameras

San Francisco startup Prism Skylabs has developed sophisticated technology that helps business owners track and analyze customer behaviors in their retail stores. Store owners can create timelines and heatmaps showing areas of the store where customers gravitate. Officially launched in late November 2012, Prism Skylabs has dozens of major retailer clients who pay $50/month per store.

Tips on Tap

  1. After changing your Facebook password: How to reestablish the permission between Instagram and Facebook on iOS so that you can post directly to Facebook from Instagram. Apple’s instructions are not clear or complete — you will think you’re stuck in an infinite reset loop.
  2. Babbel app – “Learning languages online made easy.” Available in any browser and as an app for iOS, Android, KIndle Fire, and Windows 8.
  3. System Util: an app to monitor iPhone performance and CPU: System Util

Show Notes


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