Programming Note

Don't fret, we'll be back soon!
Don’t fret, we’ll be back soon!

Missing your DDP fix? Fear not, the Digital Dive Podcast will return in a couple of weeks.

Your co-hosts Emily Binder and Melanie Touchstone have taken some much needed time off for travel, tech conference season, and occupational demands. We’ve also been planning some new features and formats to make the podcast more accessible and bite-size, with a new section on the website for our featured Tips on Tap coming soon. We’ll be back mid-October 2013 will a full arsenal of topics, including iOS7, major announcements from tech giants Samsung, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, Twitter’s role in recent world events, and much more.

In the mean time, check out our archives here or on iTunes, our new Video page, and Emily Binder’s newest blog post, “Why We Hate Skyler White.”