Facebook Fake Accounts, Timeline Changes, and Your Digital Legacy – Episode 12


1) Passing Down Digital Assets After Death
Emily and Melanie argue about whether acknowledging your digital footprint in your last will and testament is ridiculous (and what is at stake).digital footprint social media

  • What happens to your email, social media, blog, photos, cloud documents, financial, professional, and gaming accounts when you die?
  • Why online accounts matter after death:
  • 1) Wishes of the deceased: do they want the FB account up as a memorial? for how long? who should be trusted with the emails, records, photos, videos, messages, etc.?
  • 2) Money: U.S. consumers value their digital assets, on average, at nearly $55,000. 2011 McAfee Survey. That includes MMOG (massive multiplayer online game) assets, photos, projects, hobbies, personal records, career information, entertainment, and email.
  • “Online companies face a ‘patchwork of state laws’ and are usually cautious when it comes to granting access to a deceased user’s account.” -via nbcnews.com
  • U.S. General Services Administration recommends you set up a social media will
  • Only five states’ estate laws include digital assets: CT, RI, OK, IN, and ID. Some statutes only relate to email. Just OK and ID clearly include social networking and blogging as part of an estate (well done, y’all).
  • How to: digital estate planning – Consider using a paid service on this list: thedigitalbeyond.com/online-services-list/

2) Fake Facebook Accounts – Categories, Prevalence, Issues Like Fake Clicks

  • The “bad actors” that Facebook targets are people with many fake accounts
  • As of 8/1/12, CNET reports 8.7%, or 83.09M accounts are fake: “Facebook estimates that 4.8% are duplicate accounts, 2.4% are user-misclassified accounts, and 1.5% are undesirable accounts.”
  • We want to ensure that one of the core tenets of Facebook is that you have your unique identity on Facebook.” -Facebook’s Vice President of Global Marketing Solutions Carolyn Everson to Business Insider

3) Facebook to roll out more Timeline changes

  • In New Zealand and parts of Europe, FB has started to roll out new changes to Timeline. Changes to expect for profiles (and probably brand pages eventually):
  • Boxes below your cover image will be replaced with a simpler, tabbed design. Posts in single wide column on the left as opposed to being randomly split into two columns.
  • New “collections manager” lets you drag to reorder your collections (e.g. maps and friends)
  • Nods to Twitter: 1) Subscribers will be called followers. Subscribers/followers are different from friends.
  • 2) Your name will appear in white over the bottom of your cover photo. Basic info including location and job will be located to the right of your profile pic instead of below.

4) Facebook Ads, Mobile, and Stock

  • Facebook shares are way up ($30/share).
  • Mobile has gone from being perceived as a challenge to Facebook toa huge opportunity.
  • Mobile revenues predicted to make up 20%-24% of Facebook’s overall top line in Q4-2012, up from 3% in Q2-2012.
  • Analyst Anmuth says mobile will generate $2.13 billion for Facebook in 2013, up from his previous $2 billion estimate.
  • FB mobile revenues to surpass desktop in 2014
  • Ads in the Newsfeed are much more effective than ads on the right side
  • Facebook Gifts – predicted to contribute $1 billion+ by 2015, and 5% of Facebook’s profits in 2013.
  • Advertisers love Facebook’s ad exchange, which has tons of room to grow. –Business Insider 2/2/13

Tips On Tap

1. Home Inventory: As we begin a new year, here’s a life admin tip to ensure that your home or renter’s insurance really will cover you if disaster strikes. With camera phones and free online storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, you have no excuse not to make a video documenting your possessions and store it in the cloud. Try CNET’s recommended WhatYouOwn – home inventory software. Free trial version for Mac OS or Windows 8. Why create a home inventory:
  • Purchase enough insurance to replace things you own.
  • Get insurance claims settled faster.
  • Substantiate losses for income tax return.

2) AppGratis is a free iPhone app that recommends a new app each day that’s free for that day. It is available on Android in France and should be coming to the US soon. Emily downloaded the super skeuomorphic Daily Weather app. Its merits are discussed.

3) Digitally Imported App– http://www.di.fm/ “Digitally Imported – Addictive Electronic Music 24/7”

  • A free music streaming app with premium membership option.
  • Great for serious electronic and progressive music fans because it is genre-specific and very extensive in sub-genre channels
  • Social: Community tab displays Facebook and Twitter conversations
  • Radio shows can submit demos to be on the dozens of stations
  • They air popular shows like Armin Van Buuren’s A State of Trance, Carl Cox Global with Carl Cox and Friends at scheduled times, otherwise you can stream Channels

Show Notes


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