Diving Backward: Our Favorite Episodes – The Digital Dive Podcast

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The Digital Dive Podcast looks back at our six favorite episodes:

1) U-Turn Into a Tech-Speak Future – Episode 5
Is text-speak destroying the English language? IDK.

2) Murder Kroger and Mobile Payments- Episode 3
Adventures in mobile payments and Atlanta’s favorite Kroger on Ponce.

(Please excuse the less awesome sound quality on this early episode.)

3) Twitstagram, Facebook iOS 6 Privacy Nightmare, and the Internet Down Under – Episode 8
Standing desks, kangaroos, and Facebook privacy issues for the U.S. and Australia. Special guest interview with Liam Jose.

Zoroaster Interview: Dan Scanlan on Digital Music Distribution – Episode 9
Does music pay in the digital age? (Sort of.) From the Victrola to Spotify and YouTube. We interview Zoroaster drummer Dan Scanlan and get a musician’s perspective.

Facebook Fake Accounts, Timeline Changes, and Your Digital Legacy – Episode 12
Who gets all of your Farmville winnings when you’re gone? Why you should leave behind a digital last will and testament.

Love in the Digital Age: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly – Episode 16
Peace, love, and robots. Emily and Melanie debate Facebook dating etiquette.

Which was your favorite Digital Dive?
Thanks for listening. We will return with Episode 19 next week. And stay tuned for a very special Episode 20 video podcast about Millennials!

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