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New Anti-Piracy System to Hit U.S. Next Week (The Daily Dot)

Oscars 2013 Social Media Moments (ABC)

Graphene Supercapacitor Poised to Eliminate Batteries (Sticher)

Samsung to Announce the Galaxy S IV on March 14 (Mashable)

The Geography of Marketing: Media Consumption Habits (1911 Main Street/Chad Thiele)

Super Bowl Ads, Netflix’s TV “Binge-Watching” Model & the Content Renaissance – Episode 14


Topics: The most popular 2013 Super Bowl ads and advertisers’ attempts to engage viewers on social, Netflix’s game-changing business model, the television renaissance, and our predictions on the future of media consumption.

I. Super Bowl Ads
Melanie and Emily review the most talked about Super Bowl commercials & ads of 2013, including:

  • Ram Trucks – “Farmer” – Paul Harvey (Dodge – Chrysler)
  • Budweiser – “Brotherhood”
  • Jeep – “America Will Be Whole Again” – Oprah (Chrysler)
  • Mercedes-Benz – “Soul” – Willem Dafoe
  • Oreo – “Dunk in the Dark” (Twitter photo post) – total show stealer

Judge for yourself–you can watch this year’s Super Bowl commercials here

II. Netflix
Netflix is changing the traditional television viewing model from trickle out to “binge watching” with their new series House of Cards. Will this decisive shift in TV consumption change the future of television? Will the “I Want it Now” mentality extend to new film releases? Listen for Melanie’s prediction on the future of movie theaters.

Tips on Tap:

I. Prompt Me Nina — Password reminder app created by 14 year old British Teen Nina Devani. Customized password reminder question prompts.

II. UnoDNS — Paid Service lets you access your Netflix, Hulu & Spotify accounts from outside the country.

III. 1Weather App — Excellent free weather app for Android available on Google Play

Show Notes:
Most social TV event ever?
By Bluefin’s measure, Super Bowl social media activity peaked during Beyonce’s halftime performance with 366,000 comments per minute. By comparison, well ahead of the 261,000 comments per minute generated the moment Barack Obama was reelected.

Twitter: the Super Bowl generated a total of 26.13 million tweets, according to SocialGuide, which was nearly as many as all three of last year’s presidential debates combined (27.63 million total, peak of 10.87 million).
Super Bowl is most social TV event ever 2/5/13


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